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Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) 2013 Overview

One of the most exciting sports in the world is rugby. There are many different league competitions that occur in various intervals and at different times of the year. Every four years, the RL World Cup is held. This year, the 2013 Rugby League World Cup will actually be the 14th Rugby League World Cup. The tournament for 2013 will actually be in the United Kingdom where the current titleholder, New Zealand, will fight to maintain their position. In this article we will present information on the sport of rugby, and also detail specifics in regard to Rugby League World Cup 2013.

Why Is The Rugby League World Cup 2013 So Important?

Although Americans view football as one of the greatest sports ever created, in Europe, and also Australia, rugby is the game for many sports enthusiasts. This is understandable, especially if you consider how similar this game is to modern football which has millions of raving fans that watch the Super Bowl every year. But what makes RL World Cup 2013 so important is that this year it will be held in the United Kingdom, the place from which rugby derives its origins. Unfortunately, most people will not understand the significance of this sport until they read a background on the sport itself. Here is a quick overview of rugby, the rules, and much more, all pointing toward this year�s 2013 Rugby League World Cup

What Is Rugby

The game of rugby is a type of football that actually references to different sports in the world today. There is Rugby Union and Rugby League. Each of these sports conforms to the same set of rules, with the ultimate objective of getting the ball over a specific line in order to score points. Originating from Rugby School, it has come a long way, with the Rugby World Cup being the pinnacle event that fans worldwide wait for every four years.

What Is The Rugby League International Federation?

The Rugby League International Federation is the governing world body of the rugby football league. Originally started in Sydney Australia in 1998, its purpose was to somehow govern and develop the Rugby League on a worldwide basis. The RLIF oversees what are called the Laws of the Game and has jurisdiction over the league internationally for tournaments and of course the World Cup.

How Host Countries Are Chosen

Like the Olympics, different countries will bid for hosting rights, especially where the RL World Cup is concerned. There are no laws that govern whether preceding hosts can bid which is why Australia was allowed to bid once again for this tournament.

How Many Teams Play?

There are 14 total teams this year, opposed to the 10 that competed in the World Cup just four years ago. Some of these teams originate from the home nations including Wales, Scotland, and England. Those from Oceana include New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, the Cook Islands, and even Tonga. Each of the teams will fight for qualification into the Rugby League World Cup 2013. Regardless of who reaches the finals, the teams will have their opening ceremonies at Millennium Stadium which is a Stadium in Wales, specifically in the capital city of Cardiff.

When Will They Play?

RL World Cup 2013 will actually begin in October, until players reach the quarterfinals, semi finals, and finally the finals of the tournament itself in late November.

Are There Other Rugby League Tournaments?

There are a variety of related tournaments other than Rugby League World Cup. This includes Women’s RL World Cup, Rugby League Four Nations, the European Cup and also the World Club Challenge. The latter tournament is actually a match that occurs annually between the winners of the Rugby League of Australasia and also the Super League in Europe.

In conclusion, Rugby League World Cup 2013 is a much anticipated sporting event worldwide. Despite the fact that the tournament will be held in England and Wales, there will also be matches that will be held in Ireland and France. There is great anticipation for this event, and hopefully the winner of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup will appreciate the victory should they win this year.

Rugby League 2013 World Cup Trailer

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